Monday, June 7, 2010

Aloo chaat oh sorry Delhi chaat

Hii due to accident i am just confined to my home place.cant go out even i want to so wats life for such a ghummakad..hehehe ya i am quite fond of roaming around and enjoying street food and my as spare blogging is good option hai na.,.ya i think.i can recall days with taruna and enjoying..but now...oooops

As far as i know as i already told you i am a bit foodie oh no i dont eat much but ya i try here am going to describe some favourite joints of mine.

1. Laxminagar ki kachauri and chole bhature..
             ya spicy crispy kachauri you will be served here no doubt at affordable prices yes i mean pocket
             friendly. you can enjoy ever bite,.have a try and do comment.

2.pakodas at khandani pakode wala near race course:-----
             Good for peoples who loves pakodas. you will be served here variety of pakoda of almost
             every vegetable as pyaz,paneer,karela,etc...

3. Momos at university lane near patel chest..
              Have a trip to university of delhi just go and enjoy momos at affordable prices with oh.... chilling 
              chutney hm.

4.Chandani chauk parathe wali gali..
              Chandani chauk to china..ya i am talking abou parathe wali gali delhi 110006. purani delhi.i need
              not to describe this joint is quite famous in itself

5.Bhelpuri at india Gate.
             India gate lawns are better options to chill out this summer.with a cone of bhelpuri.

There are lot many for now...these were main attractions.

Friday, June 4, 2010

golu dev.

golu dev
Ghorakhal (Uttarakhand), Golu Devta temple at Ghorakhal of Kumaon region, people come to seek justice in their cases at the earliest.every ghorakhalian knows it well.

Golu Devta is believed to have been an incarnation of Gaur Bhairav (Shiva). He is worshipped all over the region and regarded as the dispenser of justice by devotees.

It is believed that the temple was built in 12th century. It gained popularity over the centuries for proving helpful to anyone visitng this temple.

"This is Golu Devta''s temple. He is incarnation of Bhatook Bhairav. According to mythology, he would sit here and listen to the problems of people. If a person is innocent then Golu Baba surely blesses him and provides him justice," said Pradeep Joshi,(i can recall students from my class used to go to collect prashad..) the priest at the Golu Devta Temple in Ghorakhal.

As per Joshi, the temple priest, hundreds of thousands of  ghantas are offered at the temple.

On fulfillment of the prayers, Golu Devta is thanked by hanging bells or through animal sacrifice. The temple receives many 'petitions' on daily basis.

People of this area have incredible belief in the mystic power of Golu Devta.

shri shri ek hajar ath golu baba ki jai...cheerup of sainik school ghorakhal

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What happend..

What happend to our countrymen.what happend to the society,
what happend to the humanity,.what happend i ask question from every one.To every indian i know.
to all my  friends,.to all; my enemies,.to all my everybody..
Where gone humanity.and helping nature...

Yesterday what happend.i will elaborate that.from where and why question arised this with me.why i asked this question.from where this came in my mind
Yesterday i gone to appear for a medical entrance exam.oh thats quite normal what i am talking about.everybody might have appeared for exams. so this is not big deal..and me to not talking about how was exam and lets go...

Before two days i encountered with an leg is fractured..(my speeding bike got slipped actually...and got normally happens with me manier times..)so unable to walk these days..any how i managed to give exam..i thought i should give that,,,so at morning i board on to my car..and reached up at exam venue well before in parents talked to authorities appointed there to that they can help me to get through class..i reached up any how,,,and exam got started..
after completion of exam..every body was started moving out me to..i was having rod with me for support...i stated walking like snail...all were in hurry n bypassing with body initiated to one dare to say dude...hold my hand i will help you to walk....common hold me..everybody passed i was coming alone at last..
So those were future medicos of our country..they were who aspire to become doctor..what are the values to be doctor medico..what?
i ask what>??
do we have a answer..i think no...myself dont know..
being medico we should have that soft heart with whats that....

Monday, May 17, 2010

shree shree ek hajar ath gola baba ki jai ki jai ki jai

20th june 2000.
it was the day when i admitted to SAINIK SCHOOL GHORAKHAL,NAINITAL situated in lower shiwalik ranges of UTTARAKHAND state famous for its scenic beauty and lush greeneries.with cluster of beautiful trees and herbs pines,deodars...
sainik school ghorakhal is surrounded in beautiful ranges from all sides on top of one hill near by bhimtal.
it was first day when i was admitted after performing all formalities like taking roll number,allotment of house and parents had gone i was alone at age of 11 was evening in school first and formost day.inter house football matches were going on..
so after first prep we reached up at main ground where match had to be played.we i mean (batch mates 2000)were junior most we gone and sat quitely at respective places. both the team from different houses came in main gruond before starting of match both the team members started shouting simultaneously.
first time i had seen such a cheerup in my life full of all spiritual values and coordinative unity,,on that day these words embeded in our minds and hearts like pure chants (2000 batch)time passed and passed these magical words used to chant before any good thing important..things gonna happen lik before any matches zonals board exams whateva
that alwys gave us zeal and enthusiasm and power to achieve victory stand...still in some or the other way my all classmates used to chnt this uptill

Sunday, May 16, 2010




Gone are the days when teaching could be done with the black board as the only,educational technology provides various aids to make teaching very effecting and interesting.
In the teaching of English as a second language,communication is very important.spoken enlish,conversation,pronunciation,original writing etc, are to be given due importance in the new communicative approach.
In a populous country like ours,centralised examination can not be discarded suddenly. Until schools are given freedom to have individualised evaluation,centralised examination will continue.Until then ,how are we to test communicative skills?
The only way is language laboratory with equipment provided by educational technology and a 'Practical Examination' at the end of schooling (Secondary or higher secondary)
to test those skills.
An attempt is made is this essay to highlight the need for use of educational technology in the teaching of English,the ways in which it can be manipulated in the teaching and students of undergraduate (10+2) Classes can be helped to learn.

T.V.And Video in Class:

Tape-recorders,overhead projectors,slides/film projectors,radio, T.V. and Vedio cassettes can successfully be used in the teaching of English in India. They will help motivate learners to learn and use English for their short/long term needs . They are attractive and can add an extra dimension to teaching. They can help the teachers of English make teaching interesting and enable students to learn in an informal atmosphere without tension Educational technology is a catalyst and an imaginative teacher of English will be able to use it to facilitate learning and make learning and make learning fascinating.
Television is one of the most powerful means of communication. It is also a potent medium for the teaching and learning of languages. Video equipment is an additional resource to any teaching and learning programme. It is a very efficient medium in Foreign/Second language learning and teaching situations and it can be used to promote teaching and learning English in India very efficiently.
Television programmes are ephemeral . Vedio helps to overcome this problem. In the telecast mode, T.V. programmes are presented in linear fashion.the programme starts and continues till the end . the viewr can not stop or review an earlier part of the programme as a reader can do with a book.but with the video it is possible for the viewer to stop view,review or fast forward a programme over and over again,thus video programmes enable the learners to use at his/her will.A significant advantage of using video recorders in class is the controlled presentation of communicative scenes.the teacher or the learner can interrupt and replay sequences,freeze an action or a scene and even take away the sound or vision.
Two or three minutes of authentic television programme from doordarshan recorded on a video tape can easily provide enough stimulating input for one hour’s teaching .extracts from television programme can be used flexibly at various labels to develop major language skills and subskills which the learners would need.relating video materials to the rest of the class work and learners need and interests will depend upon the expertise and versatility of the teacher with ELT and the use of modern technology in education.

Some may feel that large classes threaten the very possibility of using this wonderful medium to teach enlish.nevertheless , a resourceful teacher of enlish will be able to devise ways and means to use video programmes for effective communicative activities in the classroom and enable learners to develop their capacity and help them use enlish appropriately and effectively.A large class can be divided into groups and each group can be given atleast half an hour a week for language activities based on T.V /Video programmes . This will not only provide the students with a change but also motivate them to practice and use English.

T.V and Video are additional tools in the hands of an English teacher .They have to be used to supplement the existing teaching methods and materials. No attempt is being here to suggest that these tools can replace all other tools and teaching aids,resources to augment T.V/Video materials and vise versa.
Finally the use of technology has implications for curriculum development course construction and teaching training because the educational technology can play an important role in the learning process . Therefore it is important to review the courses in English presently being used to teach English in our schools so that the educational technology could become an integral part of teaching ENGLISH.

after so many days i m free to rite over here.actually i love writing but its really a tough job to write..a bit boring tooo hehehehe... isn't u need a tough heart to write haina ....

today also it was a bit hectic two year old sister chacha's sweet baby princess MANSHI... she is ill a bit from couple of was busy..she is the same girl giggling n'' laughing nonstop and teasing every body..and used to copy everybody she is smart in doing mimicry..and makes all laugh..but from some days due to illness..she is dull.....n quite n hope she will b soon like before giggling princess,,,,goodnight

today i was wathching aajtak...the hot news was going on today on allmost all channels..NITIN GADGARI (president bhartiya janta party) used some (i m not pointing on anybody actually.its all about my personal views)
i cn recall VARUN GANDHI"S case from last general lok sabha elections..he was being too communal on certain regards.even i was agree with him at those times..he was saying himself leader of hindus..and in straight words pointed on now what i feel politics is not good over these aspects.. ant the fact lies some part of it can be accepted..
and media makes important part of it all i mean everything u playes active part at these days...and from last case MR.VARUN GANDHI aolozise infront of media it was rite oviously...

i m nort saying MR.NITIN should aolozise or not..but true fact is communalism is politics in other sense yes i agree i m talking on two way...but this true allmost..
after analising things i can say everything is fine and good whatever is going....keepitup..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yes I am rich!!!!!!

My poverty is my splenour,

My dull look is my passion,
My cowardnees is the endevour,
Tears are style and fashion,
I am,,,ofcourse…
Who have nothing to attract ,
To supress my every fact ,
I am rich in many thoughts ,
Which are covered by dust,
I have philosophies lots and lots,
But all are covered by the rust,
Yes I am rich!!!!!!!!
I have several useless things,
On my flight there is a ban,
I am bird without wings,
Still I am laughing like everyone,
In the world poor to none,
Still I am rich!!!i know
I am bounded drape,
And unable to move,
I am anchored pinnace,
Still I adore my love by jove!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


.......;-NOTE....what actually is eye glasses...its not the specs..either..we use..but here its different this point..of view..or..our eye lences...but actually its our way to look at our society....samaj..
Friends and enemies are all men.
Geeping out from the same window,
You saw them again and again
You can't defer, eye power is low,
You have near sightedness,
if you can't see a friend
You have thats friend less,
Happy Moments. who can lend.
You are far sighted
if you can't see enemy dear!
Don't be so much excited
somewhat you have to also fear.
That's why a say,
You have many eye glasses,
In the night ,like ray,
Theydivide all in classes.