Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yes I am rich!!!!!!

My poverty is my splenour,

My dull look is my passion,
My cowardnees is the endevour,
Tears are style and fashion,
I am,,,ofcourse…
Who have nothing to attract ,
To supress my every fact ,
I am rich in many thoughts ,
Which are covered by dust,
I have philosophies lots and lots,
But all are covered by the rust,
Yes I am rich!!!!!!!!
I have several useless things,
On my flight there is a ban,
I am bird without wings,
Still I am laughing like everyone,
In the world poor to none,
Still I am rich!!!i know
I am bounded drape,
And unable to move,
I am anchored pinnace,
Still I adore my love by jove!!


  1. hey...its its amazing...thats wat is richness...not all about money...u r richest...guy..if any body gonna ask me..then it ll be u...its gr8..kip t up..

  2. hi....its a good..i mean very good..poem..u r rich..there is no doubt...even...