Sunday, May 16, 2010


today i was wathching aajtak...the hot news was going on today on allmost all channels..NITIN GADGARI (president bhartiya janta party) used some (i m not pointing on anybody actually.its all about my personal views)
i cn recall VARUN GANDHI"S case from last general lok sabha elections..he was being too communal on certain regards.even i was agree with him at those times..he was saying himself leader of hindus..and in straight words pointed on now what i feel politics is not good over these aspects.. ant the fact lies some part of it can be accepted..
and media makes important part of it all i mean everything u playes active part at these days...and from last case MR.VARUN GANDHI aolozise infront of media it was rite oviously...

i m nort saying MR.NITIN should aolozise or not..but true fact is communalism is politics in other sense yes i agree i m talking on two way...but this true allmost..
after analising things i can say everything is fine and good whatever is going....keepitup..

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