Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What happend..

What happend to our countrymen.what happend to the society,
what happend to the humanity,.what happend i ask question from every one.To every indian i know.
to all my  friends,.to all; my enemies,.to all my everybody..
Where gone humanity.and helping nature...

Yesterday what happend.i will elaborate that.from where and why question arised this with me.why i asked this question.from where this came in my mind
Yesterday i gone to appear for a medical entrance exam.oh thats quite normal what i am talking about.everybody might have appeared for exams. so this is not big deal..and me to not talking about how was exam and lets go...

Before two days i encountered with an leg is fractured..(my speeding bike got slipped actually...and got normally happens with me manier times..)so unable to walk these days..any how i managed to give exam..i thought i should give that,,,so at morning i board on to my car..and reached up at exam venue well before in parents talked to authorities appointed there to that they can help me to get through class..i reached up any how,,,and exam got started..
after completion of exam..every body was started moving out me to..i was having rod with me for support...i stated walking like snail...all were in hurry n bypassing with body initiated to one dare to say dude...hold my hand i will help you to walk....common hold me..everybody passed i was coming alone at last..
So those were future medicos of our country..they were who aspire to become doctor..what are the values to be doctor medico..what?
i ask what>??
do we have a answer..i think no...myself dont know..
being medico we should have that soft heart with whats that....


  1. ashu these people r so selfish dctr bnke help krte h for dat dey get money free me ni krte....vry selfish

  2. yes you are definately...rite said this is what is society...

  3. yes this is fact...that everything is atached with price tag

  4. i do agree with what tanu said.

  5. agree hone bhar se kaam chalta hai kya
    koi kadam bhi aage aaye iske khilaaf
    mera kadam pahle se aage hai
    aap badhaiye kadam aur thamiye haath